BEKS Kitesurfing

Solid kitesurfing lessons through a customer centred School

BEKS Kitesurfing

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At BEKS we have years of teaching experience and promote a teaching style that is both intuitive and sensitive to each students needs and development. We teach with two students to 1 kite in the sea to ensure the best possible progression for the student. Your day out with us will be as much fun as it is a learning experience and hopefully you will become a devoted kitesurfer.

We supply all the required kitesurfing equipment for the course including safety helmets and flotation jackets. At our kitesurf school we use waterproof radios for improving clients but prefer to have more direct contact with our beginner students. Kitesurfing lessons and tuition take place down at Shoreham Beach, and other beaches in the area near Brighton, where the council has given permission for BEKS to teach kitesurfing skills to all levels of kiters.


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